Reading Time: 3 minutes In this article we will talk about a topic that we consider crucial: OnBoarding. What is OnBoarding and what is its goal? OnBoarding is the structured training we offer to new employees as they start their career in the company. The purpose is to immediately put people at ease by getting them to know the […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes I want to write a series of blog posts talking about the iSEvolution project that we started last year. Context My name is Marco Rossi and I am the CTO of the company. I work here since 2006, initially as a developer, after that as Solution Architect and in the last years as CTO. In […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes During my delicious experience in iSolutions in the last few years, I met many professionals with unique skills and a very high degree of knowledge compared to the current players in their market. I can flatter them and say “their” since I’m just a contractor with the goal of bringing from outside knowledge and innovation […]