Redis vs ISBets

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At iSolutions, the performance of the proprietary sportsbook software iSBets is crucial, always taken into account during development and architectural choices.
The iSBets application websites operate in particularly critical areas, handling traffic in the order of thousands of connections per minute. The website needs to be always responsive, and placement needs to happen in real time. The odds in the system change extremely frequently, so simply caching them locally on the web servers is also no-go.

Bets/day: 7 million, Transactions/day: 14 million

Caching system

In this context, it is critical to implement a reliable and high-performance caching system in order to reduce the application’s impact on traffic within the various databases.
Initially iSolutions opted for an application caching system, side-by-side with Microsoft AppFabric; however, this pairing just didn’t cut it.

This led to the need to implement and use a structured caching system, and iSolutions opted for the OpenSource application “Redis”, used by millions of companies and developers worldwide.

Some numbers

Through the implementation of Redis on our clients we have observed numbers like this.

Our contribution

Thanks to the experience of the iSolutions team, it was possible to make a contribution by integrating new features to the main communication client between Redis (StackExchange.Redis) and the .NET platform widely used in the developer world and in our business reality.

This contribution allows users of the client (potentially 200 million) to take advantage of the newly implemented change.

The change was approved and merged on the source code by Nick Craver himself, who is the main contributor to the project.


Caching systems are critical to the proper operation of any system operating in high-competition, high-traffic environments.
How great to contribute!